MONTAMONTA x M.i.h. Jeans denim refresh spray / 250ml

MONTAMONTA x M.i.h. Jeans denim refresh spray / 250ml


a liberating, original formula developed to free your jeans from the cycle of water washing. protective cedar + neutralizing spearmint + antibacterial cardamom refresh + protect, extending the life of your denim.

formulated with essential oils + fragrant botanicals, this natural spray is both biodegradable + non-toxic.

250ml amber glass bottle.

formulated + manufactured in small batches in east london.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: spray fabric from six inches away to freshen between uses. Ideal for freshening denim, also effective on everyday fabrics from cottons and linens to blends, and can be used alongside a steamer for a deeper cleanse.  

INGREDIENTS: alcohol, water, lavender oil, spearmint leaf oil, sandalwood oil, cedarwood oil, cardamom seed oil, sage oil.

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